IP vs. iPad

The Apple iPad is selling like crazy. But in China Apple does not own the rights to the trademark “iPad”.

The company Proview registered the name in 2000 before selling it to IP Application Development, a British company, in 2006 for just over $55,000. Apple bought the trademark for an undisclosed amount.

All settled, you would say. But no…

Proview now states that the Chinese trademark was not part of the deal, because the Chinese trademark had a different owner at the time. Now Proview sues Apple, claiming a minimum of $1 billion in compensation.

Apple’s worst case scenario is selling the iPad under a different name. Not really a likely option. Or sue Proview until it collapses. Apple had very deep pockets. MarkMatters.com will continue to monitor this interesting case.

Thanks to Ischa Gobius du Sart (Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam).

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