It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds

Twitter has a new logo (left the old, right the new logo). That is big news! Well, the logo is still a bird (insiders call him Larry) and resembles the old, on the other hand, the color has changed and the duck tail dissapeared.

With the new logo, the side use of the little t device will stop. Moreover, Twitter has unveiled a “display policy”, trademark guidelines to control the world wide use of their logo. In this legal bible, Twitter explains what use of the logo is allowed and what is forbidden. For example, a slight turn of the logo is not allowed. Neither is showing more than one bird permitted. As rules on internet invites a reaction, the website Violate Twitter Brand Guidelines gives a clear one: you can make your own “illegal” Larry.

As it goes on internet, some people see remarkable similarities between Larry and other gamefigures Sonic the Hedgehog and Batman:

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