It smells fishy

On Monday informed you on sausages, more precisely the sausages of TerBeke-Pluma which could no longer be called ‘Saucisson d’Ardenne’ because of a protected geographical indication. That was a good example how geographical indications do their job: protecting the correct use of the origin of goods.

It seems however that a geographical indication in Vietnam has somehow missed its target. The Phu Quoc fish sauce, a specific variety of fish sauce produced from anchovy on Phu Quoc Island in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, has been protected as geographical indication in 2001. This has been done in order to safeguard the reputation, methods etc.

However, until now no fish sauce products have since been actually labeled as ‘Phu Quoc fish sauce’ as their products are below the standards required for the trademark. One of the problems is that a requirement is that ‘Phu Quoc fish sauce’ is bottled on Phu Quoc Island, but 80% of the fish sauce is bottled in Ho Chi Min City where the best bottle facilities are.

On the other hand, the market is currently flooded by fish sauce products labeled as “made in Phu Quoc.” It smells fishy in Vietnam.


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