It’s not bunny

The Playboy brands has been the centre of a trademark parody. Feminist group FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture, created a parody site posing as the magazine, using the Playboy name and logo.

The parody site was intended to raise awareness about the importance of consent and resisting what the activists call “rape culture.” A funny, smart, and even educational campaign, that was also immediately recognized by the press for the parody that it was.

“Trademark infringement”, says Playboy. “Freedom of speech”, says FORCE. And: “We would expect Playboy to do its best to support political speech, rather than shutting it down. In addition, this political spoof is obviously designed to raise awareness about an important problem, one that we would hope Playboy would want to highlight as well.”

Will Playboy let this one slide? Or is the ‘bunny’ going to war? And even if FORCE isn’t willing to give in, there’s always another weak link (the internet service provider?).

To be continued.

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