Jean Cocteau

First some history: Jean Cocteau was a French poet, novelist, designer and more. Cocteau is best known for his novel Les Enfants Terribles. Jean Cocteau had friends like Pablo Picasso, Marlene Dittrich and Coco Chanel.

And now, his name in his typical handwriting has been filed as an European trademark for many products like jewels, furniture, clothing and education. An important man like Jean Cocteau who has influenced French cultural life merits its own trademark and the protection of his name. That’s certainly true, but more importantly, such a protection only lasts five years after registration of the trademark. Fortunately, the heritage of Jean Cocteau has been kept alive by Jean Cocteau Diffusion, organizing conferences, distributing books etc. We can certainly recommend visiting the website for more information about this remarkable man (and to see that the trademark actually is in use!).

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