With the 2012 Olympics coming up, the legal department of the Olympic Committee is working overtime. Recently they sent a cease and desist letter to a group of knitters. Yes, knitters. Because of their plans to hold their third annual “Ravelympics”: a festival of knitting games, featuring events like “scarf hockey” and “sweater triathlon.”

The Olympic Committee considers “Ravelympics” to be such a frivolous competition, that it “tends to denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games.” In order to preserve the real Olympics’ spirit, it was demanded the event is renamed “Ravelry Games”.

But, like in sports, you should never underestimate your opponent. The insulted Ravelry members immediately bombarded the Olympic Committee with emails, tweets, and comments on the U.S. Olympic Team’s Facebook page. They even tracked down the Twitter account of the clerk who sent the cease-and-desist letter. This was so much (unexpected) feedback, that the Olympic Committee decided to let things rest.

Let there be a lesson in this: never underestimate your opponent (obviously), knitting is a sport and, most important, never mess with anyone holding two pointy sticks.

© photo MyJewelThief (Flickr)

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