Lady Aga

Pop icon Lady Gaga has her ‘legal eagles’ to force an Irish chef to change the name of her new start-up business.

Nikki Walsh had worked hard for months and made huge investment into building up her catering and food business. Where is the problem? In the catchy brand name: Lady Aga.

Nikki Walsh says she has had to buckle under the fear of the potentially costly suit- much to the dismay of her young children, who were big fans of the American singer. “She demanded I roll over and hand over my domain name and trademark”, says Walsh.

Walsh explains how she chose the name: “I am a cookery teacher and cook from an Aga, a type of heavy heat-retaining stove or range used for cooking and heating.” I had built up a great reputation with people as Lady Aga, and people know me as that.

The Irish chef has agreed to Lady Gaga’s demands for fear of taking on the singer’s financial might, but she says she refuses to let the setback keep her down: “Aga has contacted me and asked me to be an Aga ambassador. I have rebranded to ‘Lady Eve’- with my website now – as my daughter is called Evie and loves to

An interesting case: is there a likelihood of confusion? Perhaps not. Is Walsh riding on the coattails of Lady Gaga’s success? Maybe.

Ah well, they settled. Now I’m hungry…

Source: Sunday Independent

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