Lego: unprotected bricks, standing strong? (2)

We posted about Lego earlier.

The bricks are no longer protected by patent, trademark of design law.

Nevertheless, today, in The Hague (Netherlands) Lego is starting summary proceedings against BanBao, another construction toy company.

BanBao makes a product similar to Lego, but for a lower price. The company has been on the market for several years, but has been left alone by the Scandinavian brick maker. Until now, that is.

Lego claims that BanBao is copying their product and is infringing their rights. is very curious what rights Lego is claiming to have. Patents have expired and an attempt to protect the Lego bricks by means of a trademark registration, have been denied by Europe’s highest court.

We will report further about this case as soon as we know more.

“Just imagine” was Lego’s old slogan. Hopefully they are not imagining having any IP rights.

This could be interesting…

© image by Stefano Tartarotti

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