Lego: unprotected bricks, standing strong (3)

We have posted earlier (here and here) about Lego dropping down on BanBao like a ton of bricks (pun intended).

Today BanBao sent a Press Release stating that Lego and BanBao have ended their dispute:

“LEGO Group and BanBao have reached a worldwide settlement in their dispute over the products of BanBao. BanBao will continue to respect the ruling of the Dutch court. The BanBao products will now further show the BanBao logo, the packages are adapted to show a distinctive BanBao design and the product designs differ from LEGO products. BanBao has further developed a new character (ToBees) with a distinctive design that is still compatible. LEGO Group and BanBao seek a fair competition based on respect for each other’s position.” find this a reasonable outcome of the IP conflict. Whilst we understand that Lego does not want any competition, fact is that their IP rights – be it patents, designs or trademarks – have all expired. But the still have copyright on the way they present their products. BanBao should respect that and compete under their own visual branding, instead of copying that of Lego.


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