Let’s Playmobil

Playmobil, everyone has probably played with these toys. Hand in hand with Lego Playmobil is a world famous toy and millions of children play with it. Contrary to Lego however (the 3D-mark of the brick of Lego has been cancelled), Playmobil has recently succeeded in protecting the shape of the Playmobil figure in the European Union (left). This trademark has been granted by the European trademarks office.

That is good news for proprietor geobra Brandstätter since it is a lot easier to act against imitation toys. Anyone who sells toys with a similar figure can be addressed. As you know a lot of money is involved in trademarks and especially in protecting these. With a turnover of 452 million euros in 2008, Playmobil has to vigorously defend its position, especially against competitors or freeriders that sell (inferior) imitation toys.

Finally, some interesting facts about the Playmobile figure: initially, the eyes and the mouth of the Playmobil figure were printed on the little round head. Later the mouth and eyes were injected in different colors. The arms and hands have also evolved over the years. At the beginning they existed in one piece. Since 1982, they have rotating arms and hands. The Playmobil figures, made ​​from high quality plastic, are virtually indestructible. And even indestructable, they now enjoy trademark protection as well!

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