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MarkMatters.com often reports about creative “logo-abuse”. Because it is fun and inspiring. But also because a logo is often at the core of the brand value. And it proofs an important point: trademarks are about standing out, being recognized.

We posted about famous logo’s in the loved/hated Comic Sans font earlier. Here is an example of well-known logo’s where the font is replaced by the standard type face ‘Courier’. This results in some very odd marks. The FedEx logo has lost its famous ‘arrow’ (in the empty space between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’). And the MTV logo is a bit off as well. On the other hand, some of the logo’s seem to look better… hmm… Still, the logo’s are clearly recognizable.

The stronger the mark, the more ‘abuse’ you can take. Can take. Not should take.

More ‘logo abuse’ here, here and here.

Source: flickr.com

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