Lunch break infringement

While taking a walk on our lunch break this week, noticed a new store opened up near our office. And the logo seemed quite familiar.

The shop is called Simply Skin. And they sell, well… skin care products. But that logo….? It immediately reminded us about another similar, famous logo. The logo from The Body Shop.

Alright, the Simply Skin logo features their name and two stylized S’s. But we couldn’t help to see the great similarity with the ‘other’ big skin care franchise. Of course we are deformed: as trademark attorneys we cannot walk into a supermarket without scanning the store for infringement. It’s just what you do.

So, maybe we are wrong on this one. Maybe it’s because we hadn’t eaten yet (never work on an empty stomach!). We will walk by next time after lunch. Still, we wanted to share this with you. A brief moment out of the life of a trademark attorney. We love our jobs!!

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