Mechagodzilla against Mechahopzilla

A “mecha” case in America between on one hand, the film studio of the Godzilla films, and on the other hand a brewer of beer.

Mecha Godzilla is the name of three different monsters in the Godzilla movies. In all cases, it is a mechanical version of Godzilla and has the shape of a large mechanical lizard. Mechahopzilla is the name of a beer from New Orleans Lager & Ale Brewing Co. The label on the beer shows us, how coincidental, a mechanical lizard. On the back this animal is described as a “hop monster”.

You might say that the brewer is a Godzilla admirer who inspired him on some points. Or you can say that he copied the whole idea and free rides on the reputation of Godzilla. The latter is the opinion of the film studio. Mechagodzilla is ready to fight!

Source: Bloomberg



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