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Netflix takes it easy

Netflix takes it EasyEasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Iounnou takes Netflix to court. The airline tycoon claims Netflix is ​​infringing its European trademarks with its Easy comedy series.

Haji-Iounnou believes there are more and more “brand thieves” trying to “hitchhike” on his company’s goodwill. By going to court he wants to prevent the series from being broadcast in Europe under this name.

“EasyGroup has more than a thousand trademarks within the Easy brand family and takes unauthorized use very seriously,” said a spokesperson.

But Haji-Iounnou continues and blames Netflix for “typically arrogant behavior of a large American tech company that has never looked at the rights of other companies outside the US”. The EasyJet founder says he is happy that the series ends after season three.

Licensing is a good source of income for EasyGroup, EasyJet’s parent company. In addition to the name of the airline, the company also protected EasyHotel, EasyBus, EasyCar, EasyVan, EasyProperty, EasyOffice, EasyFoodstore, EasyCoffee and EasyGym with trademarks.

Netflix doesn’t see the problem: “Viewers can see the difference between a series they watch and a plane in which they fly”. Easy.

Erwin Hauër

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