Njamie Njamie

The fun of Intellectual Property Rights is discussing why a logo of a horse is similar to an other logo with a horse. And why gigantic balloons are copyrighted. The variety of products is also very interesting from new developed rubbish instruments to the state of the art design.

In Belgium there is an I.P. matter concerning spice mills. Spice mills? Yes mills that enables you to crush dry spices. These spice mills are named Njamie Njamie. Chef Peter Goossens, owner of Njam!, a television cookingchannel, is angry.

Trust Graphics, the company behind Njamie Njamie has already received a cease and desist letter in which it is accused of a violation of trademark rights. Grounds: confusion and free riding.  The letter also states that there is a hint of bad faith as Peter Goossens and Kristof Leemans, manager of the Trust Graphics, live in the same city of Kruishoutem.

Trust Graphics does not agree.  The name sounds different, the device elements differs. The two companies are in a totally different market. It is also debatable whether the children’s word “njam can be monopolized.

The trademark NJAM! has been registered for many products and services, including herbs. As is Njamie Njamie. So probably the parties see each other in court. For MarkMatters.com it is lunch time as talking about food makes hungry.

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