No infringement in the air

No infringement in the airIn no time, Airbnb has become a world famous company. The idea of a marketplace for short rentals of apartments is not unique, but the ease of use and the thousands of people in each town that offer their home make Airbnb a popular alternative to the average hotel room of 16m2. We are huge fans.
The first logo of Airbnb is replaced by a much more elegant logo which represents a house which is connected. This logo is of course registered as a trademark by Airbnb. However, in the European Union Habitat, a well-known producer of furniture, objected against the application on the basis of the logo left (see hereunder).
Are these logo’s similar? ‘The EUIPO assess the matter and finds some similarity between the trademarks: both logo’s consist of black lines on a white background. But the contours of the logo’s are very different, the logo of Habitat is a pentagon with a heart in the center, the logo of Airbnb is a triangle with an abstract symbol in the middle. The curl that occurs in both logo’s is more a coincidence according to the EUIPO and creates no similarity between the logo’s. Thus, the question can be answered in the negative: no, these marks are not similar.
No infringement in the air

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