Numbers don’t lie

Trademarks consist of letters but can also consist of numbers. This may be a combination, such as Levi’s 501 or just a number, for example the liquor 43.

For those who think of choosing a brand with a number should read this research. A number is not just a number, the consumer perceives numbers very differently. For example, the consumer prefers numbers between 1 and 20. Moreover, a number that is a result of multiplication is more appreciated than a number that cannot be divided (i.e. 53).

The researchers also have shown that the valuation for a trademark with a number can be increased. The numbers should included in the advertisement that form the basis of the number in the trademark. In an ad for the Volvo S12 the numbers 6 and 2 were positioned on the license plate of the car.  A possible explanation is that the consumer will process the number 12 more easily by the presence of 6 and 2.

Our client 94Wines had already discovered that numbers are very distinctive. A wine number 23 is easier to remember than the white wine of Chateau du Vilette in 2009, Chardonnay.

Arnaud Bos

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