Occupy occupied

Occupy is a meanwhile worldwide demonstration against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corruption and influence over government etc. This demonstration has started in New York, next to financial heart of the World: Wall Street.

This movement, against all sort of property, has registered its own trademark, of course only from a defense point of view. Unfortunately for the movement, they were too late: Diance Maresca filed OCCUPY Wall Str. some days earlier.

MarkMatters.com found out that this application has already been abandoned (maybe the Occupy movement has treathened Maresca to occupy her lawn). This trademark is however not the only trademark the movement has to deal with. On October 24, the same day on which the trademark of the Occupy movement has been filed, Fer-Eng Investment filed this mark. Especially the word Investment must a punch in the face of Occupy. To make things worse, MarkMatters.com saw that their slogan We are the 99% has also been registered as a trademark.

Source:  The Raw Story / picture © Charles M. Schultz

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