Olympic Friday (1)

Tonight the mother of all sporting events is starting: the Olympic Games. London is ready and set to go.

For MarkMatters.com this marks the start of our own ‘games’.

Each Olympic Games, in spite of all the strict rules and regulations there are companies that will try to get some publicity. It’s called ambush marketing. ‘Ambush’, because advertising at and around the Olympics is allowed for official sponsors only. And they have to pay up. Big time.

What better way to get some publicity than to ‘associate’ yourself with the olympics by using the olympic rings (in whatever form) or the word ‘olympic’ even?

Every Friday during the Olympics, we will post an example of ambush marketing. Today, to start off, the Burger King olympic union rings.

If you have examples of your own, from this Olympic Games or previous Games, please share them with us. Send us an e-mail and we will post it mentioning your name and firm. Our rules for advertising are less strict. Way less.

Let the games begin!


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