Olympic Friday (3)

On this last Olympic Friday, the last Friday of London 2012, we come to you with a classic in ambush marketing.

It is an ad by Telecom New Zealand, saying “With Telecom mobile you can take your own phone to the Olympics.” But the most important part of the ad is the “Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring”, clearly hinting at the Olympic Games. The words were even in the colors of the Olympic rings.

Fascinating enough, the New Zealand’s court was rather mild. It said: “By use of the word “Olympics” a connection is made with the Olympic Games, but there is now suggestion of sponsorship. It’s the sort of situation where one pauses for a moment to laugh and acknowledge the lateral thinking involved.”

We hope you enjoyed the Olympics just as much as we did. And our offer still stands: send us your ambush marketing examples, and we will share them will our fellow IP colleagues.

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