Olympic Rings

At the end of this week, the whole world will be watching the best athletes of the world competing with each other for golden medals. On the other hand, the world will be watched by the legal department of the IOC acting a preservers of the severe provisions regarding the logo’s of the IOC, in particular the Olympic Rings. As everybody knows by now, any use of London 2012, Olympic etc. is strictly forbidden.

In the New York Times MarkMatters.com read an interesting article about the origin of the Olympic Rings.The founder is Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French aristocrat “with an enormous waxed mustache that hung on his face like a rogue accent mark”. He has designed the Olynpic Rings in 1914 for the 20th anniversary of the Games announcing it as a true international emblem. Where did he get the inspiration? The most believed version is that he may have been inspired by an advertisement of five Dunlop tires. Full article here.

The Olympic Logo inspires many people including Sarah Hyndman, a graphic designer in London. She made between July 2011 till now every day a photograph of the Olympic Rings in a different setting, for example the Olympic Rings in prawns. All the photographs can be watched here: Olympic Logo a Day.

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