Pink ladies

There is a wide variety of apples. One of them is the ‘Pink Lady’. But are your buying a real Pink Lady in your supermarket. Or an uncertified one?

An apple may be called ‘Pink Lady’, when they have been grown under specific standards, set by Pink Lady America. It seems now that some apples appearing in supermarkets may not have been grown under these standards, and do not legitimately display the trademark Pink Lady.

The Pink Lady-apple was developed in Australia in the 1970s. It ripens in the southern hemisphere in May and is sold in northern hemisphere markets when local varieties aren’t in season. However, it is now also grown in the U.S. and bears fruit in the northern-hemisphere apple season.

Pink Lady America warns apple buyers they should ensure that “Pink Lady” apples sold in the supermarkets bear the name on the sticker. Those without the stickers might not be packed according to required quality standards.

Domestic apple growers can get a free license to use the trademark. All they have to do is sign an agreement that outlines the brand requirements.

How do you like them apples?

Source: Bloomberg

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