Pirate brands

Pirates are not romantic outlaws of the past. The word “pirate” today still stands for bandits, piracy (the massive counterfeiting industry) but also an emerging political group: The Pirate Party.

Trademark-wise pirates are also popular. In the food industry there is a bakery called Bread Pirate, Pirate is an ice cream brand from Unilever and a beer from Brouwerij Van Steenberge. Also a beautiful brand: The Pirate of Cocoa Hill (liquor).

Piet Piraat (Pete the Pirate) is a children’s series by Studio 100, including dozens of merchandising articles, games, etc. Pirate is also a brand by car manufacturer Renault.

Where the word pirate initially has a negative connotation, in many brands this is no longer so: Sweet Pirate (clothing), Katie Price’s Mermaids and Pirates (band) and Aloha Pirates (jewelry). There is even a brand called Pirate School, for education.

Pirates-combinations are also popular: Pirates & Parrots (toys), Pirates and Brides (clothing), and Pirates vs. Ninjas (computer games). Finally, some remarkable pirate brands: Pirates and Bitches (clothing) and Coco le Pirate (restaurant).

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