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Pirates of the Copyright

Pirates of the CopyrightDisney has been sued for copyright infringement over the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Success has many fathers. And so do pirates, so it seems.

Screenwriters Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr and producer Tova Laiter, filed a lawsuit in a Colorado federal court, alleging that Disney studios committed “willful infringement of original copyrighted expression of themes, settings, dialogue, characters, plot, mood (and) sequence of events contained in an original spec screenplay entitled Pirates of the Caribbean.”

According to the writers, they had submitted the script to Disney executive Brigham Taylor in August 2000. “The opportunity to have a major film studio take a screenwriter’s screenplay and turn the work into a major motion picture is the ultimate dream”, Alfred and Martinez Jr state.

However, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare, when their original  was copied and commercially exploited, creating a billion-dollar franchise, with no credit or compensation, the lawsuit notes.

It will probably come down to who can prove what. But that the screenplay is cursed, just as much as Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl, is clear as day.

Erwin Hauër

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