Rapper P. Moses (real name Pamela Moses, left) has sued Shira Krasnow aka Lil Miss Muffin in the United States for copyright and trademark infringement. And not only Lil Miss Muffin will have to appear in court, even YouTube has to defend itself because of enabling copyright infringement.

According to P. Moses she registered the trademarks “Pimpin Pretty”, “Pretty Pimp, “Pimp Pretty” and ” The Pretty Pimp”. And since Lil Miss Muffin copied in 2004 a track of P. Moses and called it Pimp Pretty, there is a ” blatant infringement” of the rights of P. Moses. And YouTube made it all possible.

According to P. Moses the purpose of this court action is “to make an example out of any and all parties who refuse to develop their own original ideas and/or choose to steal intellectual property, and creative concepts from real artist who have essentially invested and sacrificed their life for their careers.”

Probably the battle will continue outside the courtroom, at least in the form of a rapbattle.

Source: Memphis Rap

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