Fashion brand Marc Jacobs has been sued for copyright infringement over the company’s Resort 2017 collection, that featured several pins and patches that were allegedly “flagrant, unlawful copies” of work by other artists.

The law suit points to five pins from the collection that allegedly infringe on designs by artist Katie Thierjung and two private companies: Laser Kitten, LLC and Wildflower + Co., Inc. The trio filed their suit against Marc Jacobs in a New York court this month.

Among the five specific designs the artists point to as being used without permission are images of a pink-and-white parrot, a highball glass with a paper umbrella and lemon wedge, and a colorful margarita glass, all created by Thierjung.

She first discovered the Marc Jacobs pin almost a year ago. “I woke up to an email from an Instagram follower, who happened to spy the stolen designs for sale on the Marc Jacobs website,” Thierjung wrote Artsy in an email. “If not for her, I probably wouldn’t have found out as soon as I did.” “Part of me wanted to pretend like it didn’t happen, but it was my work and I needed to defend it with all of my heart, no matter who I would be up against,” she added.


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