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Lately tattoos are a common subject in the copyright cases. Last year, Warner Bros was sued for copyright infringement because in the movie The Hangover 2 an actor had a tattoo that was identical to the tattoo of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

And now again a lawsuit in the United States is started because of an alleged infringement by a tattoo. The owner of a tattoo shop brought the case into court against the producers of the martial arts video game UFC Undisputed 3. In this game the lion tattoo of Carlos Condit, the current world champion, has been reproduced on the Carlos Condit. The owner of the tattoo shop stressed that the creator of the tattoo is the owner of the copyright and not the person who is tattooed.

This case reminds of a similar Dutch case about a huge graffiti in the stadium of Ajax Amsterdam. A producer of a football game reproduced this graffiti in the game. This matter went to the court but the judge dismissed the complaint. The judge was of the opinion that it was the purpose and the attraction of the virtual football game that the environment is accurate in order to create the same Ajax atmosphere.

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