Rolex Roll

Shawqu Ali started few months ago a deli in Manhattan (New York) called “Rolex Deli”.

Rolex was not very pleased with this new deli and sent this man a letter threatening him with a lawsuit in the event he would not change the name of the deli. According to Rolex the public could be misled and could think that Rolex Deli and Rolex are affiliated. Moreover, the existence of such a name could dilute the distinctive character of the trademark Rolex.

Of course, Rolex is a famous trademark and there are countless people and businesses who want to free ride on the fame and reputation of Rolex. The choice of his name is therefore not very smart. In order to keep the trademark exclusive, Rolex has to fight against these kind of infringements.

Shawqu Ali has already announced that he will not enter into a legal battle. However, he hates the Rolex trademark from now on and planned to sell all his Rolex watches. Looking at the bright side, with this money he can pay the requested damage to Rolex!

Source:  Professional Jeweler

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