Russian revolution for ИКЕА (IKEA)

The Dutch company IKEA Systems B.V. (as the followers of all know the trademark IKEA is fully Dutch now) has started a lawsuit in Russia against the website

The website provides in the only missing link of the IKEA concept: the webshop. The company behind the website renders “Доставка товаров ИКЕА”, for all non Cyrillic lovers this means the delivery of IKEA-products. The concept is simple, you just look what you need and instead of going to the IKEA, you just order it through this website.

Obviously IKEA has chosen for a webshop free formula, otherwise people would actually only buy the Klippan or the Billy and all the attractive little knickknacks would not end in your basket.

A first provisional request, blocking the possibility to transfer the domain name, has been rejected by the court. Still, thinks that IKEA has a strong case as the look and feel of the website is IKEA-like, consumers could easily think that this website is from IKEA. The domain name IKEAdelivery could imply this idea as well. The interesting question is whether IKEA could undertake any action against this concept in the event there is a totally different look and feel.

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