Samsung owes Apple $

The jury is out. Apple has won the big patent case against Samsung. And Apple has been awarded $ (yes, that’s billion, not million), which is EUR 840.000.000,- for us Europeans.

The nine-member Californian jury ruled this Saturday in the US that Samsung’s products – particularly their smart phone – is too similar to Apple’s iPhone. And the jury was convinced quite quickly, as it took them just a short time to get to their decision.

The trial was drenched with confidential e-mails of both Samsung and Apple, pictures of iPhone prototypes and even an massive internal document where Samsung is polishing their product to be more like the iPhone.

As there is still appeal, and many more pending cases between the two electronics giants, this is not the last we hear from this. This will undoubtedly be continued. For a long, long time…

Okay, we are a bit biased – we love Apple – but come on, judge for yourself:


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