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Save the environment? Change your trademark

You can save the environment by changing your trademark. How? Ink! Yes, ink.

Reducing paper waste by printing less is already quite common. You may already have a sentence underneath your email signature, asking not to print the email (ironically, this sentence always ends up on the next blank page when you print it).

But paper is not the only problem. Designers now declared war on ink waste. How? By redesigning ink-guzzling logos.

Printer ink is liquid gold; it’s one of the most expensive liquids in the world. By changing its logo ever so slightly, a company can save both money and the environment. French designer Sylvain Boyer adapted the logos of some of the world’s best-known companies, without compromising their brand-recognition.

The result: some logo’s end up saving more that 38% ink.

Will you change your logo to save the environment by “ecobranding”? Just (th)ink about it!

Source: Trouw

Erwin Hauër

“Hope is not a strategy.”



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