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Last week Dutch illusionist Hans Klok was part of a remarkable summary proceedings in The Hague.

Former Belgian colleague magician Rafael van Herck claimed that Klok used two of his magic tricks without his permission. It concerned the so called “Hand through body” and “Head drop” trick. Hans Klok performed these tricks in his magic show in Las Vegas.

The ‘Hand through body’ is a trick were the magician reaches his arms through the back and out of the chest of his lovely assistant to grab a glass of water she is holding before her on a tray. The ‘Head drop’ is a trick were the assitant’s head drops from her shoulder into her lap.

Klok claims that the tricks are decades old and are part of the ‘normal’ macigians repertoire.

Now the The Hague court issued a ruling, stating that Klok was indeed infringing Van Herck’s copyrights on the magic tricks.

Sadly the proceedings were held behind closed doors, in view of the secrative nature of the matter. In the ruling all the interesting passages – the tricks have to be compared in detail to see if there is any copyright infringement – are deleted.

Head Drop


Hand Through Body


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