Something old for something new

Can you claim the word “history” is the main question in the trial between A&E Television Networks LLC (hosting the channel History formerly known as The History Channel) and Discovery Communications (with their channel Discovery History).

The trail is pending in the UK and a five-day trail has ended. During this trial A&E Television Networks declared that viewers are confused about these names (backed up by confused witnesses). Discovery responded that you cannot monopolize the word History. According to A&E Television Networks they only claim this word in a particular context. Judge Peter Smith concluded that both Discovery History and History are known for “documentaries about tanks trundling across the Russian steppe”.

While this can be true, MarkMatters will certainly not contradict judge Peter Smith on this point, one can wonder how you can claim the word history that refers to the content of  the channel (history). On the other hand, confused people are always a wanna have in these trials. Hopefully judge Peter Smith will have some wise words that will influence the history.

Source:  Bloomberg

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