Star coffee

Sometimes it can be interesting to use a famous brand to your advantage: for instance referring to Starbucks when you own a coffee shop.

This little Dutch coffee shops wants to send a message: get great coffee, for an even greater price; a better price than when buying at another coffee shop that shall remain nameless. Or shall it not?

“Star coffee for a few bucks”. A clear hint at Starbucks. Funny and well thought of. But does this infringe upon Starbucks’ trademark rights? Probably not, although thinks this is balancing on the edge.

It does show however, that you can come a long way when you are creative. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has some trouble in the early 1990s with the upcoming low cost carrier EasyJey. With slogans like (loosly translated) “Stop feeling blue” (blue is KLM’s colour) and using KLM’s symbol (the swan) they gained a lot of (free) publicity.

And that’s what this is all about. Publicity.

Coffee anyone?

(with thanks to Sandra van Dongen)

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