Star Wars

Darth VaderIt’s has been more than 35 years ago: the first Star Wars movie came out and was an unprecedented success. 2 films followed and more than 15 years later, an other trilogy was released.

With the success of these films, many merchandising products followed: Star Wars dolls , t – shirts , you name it.

The masks of the Star Wars creatures are a popular item as well. Lucasfilm, the company behind Star Wars, has tried to cease the use of someone who was selling replicas of the Stormtrooper helmets in the UK. After years of litigation the British Court ruled that movie costumes and attributes do not fall under the British copyright law.

Time to consolidate the I.P. portfolio in other ways, Lucasfilm must have thought. Recently, this company filed the mask of Darth Vader as a three-dimensional mark in the European Union. The (2D) picture of other characters were filed as well, like Yoda (with trendy sunglasses!).

On the basis of these marks, Lucasfilms probably hopes to have a better position to stop the free riders.

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