Start your copiers

Here we go again. We wrote posts here and here earlier about Samsung blatantly copying Apple. The newest addition is their Samsung’s “all-new” ChromeBox.

The ChromeBox is a small, square mini computer that comes without display, keyboard or other accessories. Much like the… yes, Apple MacMini. Although the bottom is black, the other features are undeniably copied.

When do they learn? Why can’t a big company like Samsung innovate? They have money, they make other great products and are leaders in flash memory and manufacturing the highest quality displays (even Apple buys them!). Recently a new CEO was appointed. Maybe he sees that copying may be simple, but innovation makes you stand out.

Next week Apple is assumed to be presenting some amazing new products. Let’s see how fast these are going to ‘inspire’ others. Samsung, start your copiers. Or maybe, just maybe…

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