Stir ip up (2)

Continuing our earlier post on a pending law suit concerning Bob Marley’s legacy, Marley’s half-brother, Richard Booker, filed a counter-suit. He states that Bob himself gave him permission to use his famous name just before he died.

Booker has been using Bob Marley’s name and image for music festivals, but also filed a trademark application for the name “Mama Marley” for a wide range of products, from steamed cakes of smashed fish to low calorie coffee, but also for hotel, bar or restaurant services.

The Marley Estate filed an opposition and law suit, fearing confusion and the dilution of Marley’s IP rights.

It seems the family wanted to settle the matter out of court, before the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Booker’s lawyer, Robert Scholz, states: “This was a very sensitive case because the legacy of a great man and family were at stake. From what I have learned about Bob Marley, he would be very happy, especially that his family is now at peace. Both parties were happy with the settlement agreement.”

Although the matter was beginning to Stir It Up, now the Sun Is Shining.

© photo By Dredrk aka Mr Sky (Flikcr)

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