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Legendary surfer Robert Kelly Slater has to appear in a court in San Francisco. Before the court he has to pronounce the word VSTR. What?

Well, Slater is the creator and spokesman of VSTR, owned by QS Wholesale Inc. (also known from Quiksilver, Roxy and DS Shoes brands). QS Wholesale Inc. asked the court for a declaration that its VSTR trademark did not infringe World Marketing’s  “Visitor” trademarks. Apparently, World Marketing has objected to the use of this trademark and QS Wholesale Inc. did not agree and wanted the opinion of the court. According to QS Wholesale there is no trademark infringement as each letter is pronounced separately in the name VSTR rather than as “visitor”.

In a reply World Marketing has alleged that Slater pronounces “VSTR” as “visitor,” and asked him to testify this. However, Slater did not want to interrupt his training for the Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour for just saying one word and did not show up in court. Leaving World Marketing empty handed as the judge did not want to extend any terms. Now World Marketing has asked the court to compel Slater to appear. wonders how and on which wave they will get Slater in the event he does not show up.

Source: Bloomberg, Copyright photo Quicksilver

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