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Double dribble


An episode of Family Guy may be into some copyright issues. The cartoon show used a clip of the classic Nintendo console game "Double Dribble" from YouTube, rather than using an original clip. After that, the original video on YouTube was taken down by [...]

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The hit show Glee could be forced to change its name after Fox has lost its trademark appeal. The American tv network has lost a trademark dispute over the name Glee, against a British comedy club of the same name. The Glee [...]


6 sounds you aren’t allowed to use


Some sounds from famous television shows, movies or games are so recognisable. Many of these sounds are embedded in our minds, but are also trademarked or copyrighted. Today, 6 sounds you aren't allowed to use (without permission): The roar of [...]

6 sounds you aren’t allowed to use2015-10-14T07:43:31+02:00