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The best thing…?


Earlier this week we've seen what the worst thing is that can happen to a trademark. But what's the best thing that can happen to a trademark? You would say that the trademark becomes itself. When the trademark is affected [...]

The best thing…?2016-02-24T08:29:27+01:00

Brand reversion


Sometimes a brand is so strong that you will even recognize it when the brand is mixed with another brand, or even with the brand of the competitor. Brand reversion is an ongoing project of logo-designer Graham Smith, who also [...]

Brand reversion2011-06-15T14:59:43+01:00

Swedish trademarks


Markmatters.com / Knijff Trademark Attorneys is attending the annual ECTA Conference in Stockholm this week (Say hi when you run in to us!). Sweden is a beautiful country and Stockholm an amazing city. The country is not only keen on [...]

Swedish trademarks2011-06-09T07:40:36+01:00
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