adidas had some setbacks lately after being on the wrong end of some decisions, cancelling one of their three-stripes trademarks. What this means for its world-famous brand remains to be seen. Clearly, the German sports company has other things on [...]


McGregor fights for its trademark


Dutch fashion company McGregor is filing a lawsuit against the company that makes the clothes for martial artist Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor is an opponent that many martial arts athletes shy away from. Both inside the ring and out, the [...]

McGregor fights for its trademark2018-07-30T07:45:26+02:00

adidas wins 20-year stripe battle


Finally. After twenty years, the trademark battle between H&M and adidas is over. The court in The Hague has decided that the Swedish fashion chain has infringed on adidas’ three-stripe brand. The German sports giant sued H&M over the fact [...]

adidas wins 20-year stripe battle2017-11-17T07:45:16+01:00

Branded in memory


What happens if you would ask 150 people to draw famous trademarks, completely from memory? The result is amazing. The Starbucks-logo, the IKEA-logo, the Apple-logo. Each of the logo’s are incredibly well-known. You would recognise them anywhere. But could you [...]

Branded in memory2017-10-09T15:47:42+02:00



German sports company adidas is being sued over trademark infringement by Art Basel. Allegedly, adidas wilfully distributed at least 1.000 pairs of sneakers bearing the Art Basel trademark. Art Basel stages the world's premier modern and contemporary art fairs, staged annually [...]


Juicy law suit


In adidas’s continuous battle against ‘other stripes’ the next one on the list is Juicy Couture. Garments in its collection feature three stipes, for which adidas is famous. The German sportswear giant claims that Los Angeles-based Juicy Couture “intentionally adopted [...]

Juicy law suit2017-03-27T14:20:23+02:00

Stripe a pose 2017


FC Barcelona has backed down from a trademark fight with sportswear company adidas by abandoning a trademark application. Earlier we reported that the German sports company had filed a notice of opposition to Barca's trademark application for a red and blue [...]

Stripe a pose 20172019-11-22T13:58:16+01:00

Three is a crowd


Tesla has changed its logo for the new Tesla Model 3. The reason behind it: adidas. Just over a week ago, electric car company Tesla quietly changed the logo for its Model 3 car from three slick lines to a [...]

Three is a crowd2019-06-27T11:16:23+02:00

Run Amazon Run


One of the founders of hip-hop group Run DMC is suing online retailer Amazon for $50.000.000 over trademark infringement. Musicians Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell, Joseph "DJ Run" Simmons and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels are better known as RUN-DMC. McDaniels is now claiming trademark infringement, [...]

Run Amazon Run2019-06-27T11:43:26+02:00

Stripe a pose


Sports giant adidas has filed a trademark infringement claim against FC Barcelona. adidas’ iconic three-stripe trademark is one of the most familiar trademarks in sports in general, and football in particular. Recently the German-based company filed a trademark infringement claim against FC [...]

Stripe a pose2016-11-10T11:42:25+01:00
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