I am… too famous


The big trick is to get your trademark well-known, famous even. This takes a lot of marketing effort, but who doesn't want to be up there with Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola? Well, the city of Amsterdam doesn't; it is removing a [...]

I am… too famous2018-10-30T08:55:23+01:00

Why the air? (2)


Airdnd, the Amsterdam platform for ‘living room restaurants’, changed its name to Sharednd: Share Drinks and Dinner. Almost two years ago, we posted about the website for online dining in a hobby chef's living room. The site called itself Airdnd: ‘Air [...]

Why the air? (2)2017-10-23T07:45:59+02:00

Love Airbnb


Planning a city trip has never been easier: you can book an hotel from the comfort of your living room couch. And you can even book a whole house through Airbnb. The idea and application of Airbnb is so good, [...]

Love Airbnb2017-02-15T11:06:02+01:00

No infringement in the air


In no time, Airbnb has become a world famous company. The idea of a marketplace for short rentals of apartments is not unique, but the ease of use and the thousands of people in each town that offer their home [...]

No infringement in the air2016-09-06T14:38:24+02:00

Why the air?


Originality is great. But it is difficult. To come up with a new concept and new brand is hard work. Really hard work. So copying sometimes seems the easy way out. Markmatters stumbled upon this new website. A website with [...]

Why the air?2019-02-26T11:59:31+01:00

‘A’ is for Airbnb


Airbnb switched to its ‘Bélo’ logo almost a year ago. At the time it got a lot of criticism: it evoked a certain part of the female anatomy, but it was also very similar to the logo for Automation Anywhere. But [...]

‘A’ is for Airbnb2015-09-14T07:36:56+02:00

Love isn’t in the Air


Airbnb, the famous home-rental service, has rebranded and launched its new logo this week. It is now facing a backlash on social media. Although many have praised the new look, other commentators have suggested it looks like sexual organs and/or other parts [...]

Love isn’t in the Air2014-07-21T07:00:28+02:00
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