Brand Re-versioning


Always fun... mashing up famous logo's. Still recognisable, but sometimes you end up a brand-schizophrenic. "Brand Re-versioning" is what graphic artist Graham Smith calls it. Do you recognise them all?

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A South Carolina musician seeks damages of over 5.2 billion US dollars against Apple, Amazon and CD Baby. Yes, billion! Musician Roland Chambers has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Apple, Amazon and CD Baby. Around July 2001, Chambers provided CD [...]

Where did that name come from?


You probably know that adidas is the combination of the founders first (Adi) and last (Dassler) name. And that Coca-Cola was named after the ingredients: coca leaves and kola nuts. But did you know that the name was chosen [...]

Where did that name come from?2012-01-04T08:09:37+01:00
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