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Apple bite bites the dust


The Apple logo is unmistakably famous. If you see the logo with the bite from the apple, then you know immediately that you are dealing with Apple. This does not mean, however, that Apple can monopolize the "bite". For example, [...]

Apple bite bites the dust2019-03-20T14:22:14+01:00

Think different slogan cancelled


The trademark registration of the iconic slogan 'Think different' by Apple has been cancelled by the EUIPO. The European trademark office came to this decision after a cancellation action filed by Swatch AG. The ground for decision was the non-use [...]

Think different slogan cancelled2018-09-12T09:17:24+01:00



In order to be registered as a trademark, a trademark must be available and must be distinctive. In some cases, the descriptiveness of a trademark is obvious, in other cases it is not a clear call. Sometimes a trademark consists [...]

LIVE is not ALIVE2018-02-21T11:38:45+01:00

Steve Jobs’ new ‘job’


Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but two Italian brothers 'took' his name and are now selling clothing under the former Apple CEO's name. Apple is not amused. Although not registered as a trademark, Apple is very careful with the [...]

Steve Jobs’ new ‘job’2017-12-29T07:45:01+01:00

Not so Appy


Apple is being sued for its new App Store logo, due to an alleged resemblance with a Chinese clothing brand logo. When Apple released the updated App Store as part of its new iOS 11, the App Store logo was [...]

Not so Appy2017-12-27T07:45:16+01:00

Save the environment? Change your trademark


You can save the environment by changing your trademark. How? Ink! Yes, ink. Reducing paper waste by printing less is already quite common. You may already have a sentence underneath your email signature, asking not to print the email (ironically, [...]

Save the environment? Change your trademark2017-12-12T23:44:18+01:00

Mi Pad


Apple has won an EU trademark infringement case against Xiaomi over its 'Mi Pad' tablet. The Cupertino giant, has prevailed in preventing the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi from registering its "Mi Pad" mobile tablet device as an EU trademark because [...]

Mi Pad2017-12-08T07:45:26+01:00

Mysterious Gleissner


There are numerous articles written about the mysterious Mr. Gleissner who is filing multiple trademark applications worldwide. Moreover, large companies are also facing cancellation actions against their trademarks. But Mr. Gleissner just had a setback in a revocation action against [...]

Mysterious Gleissner2017-11-24T08:46:11+01:00

Apple’s Animoji


No company in the world is as closely monitored as Apple. Especially, new activities of Apple in the field of trademark and patent applications get a lot of attention, as they sometimes give a glimpse on its future plans. Apple [...]

Apple’s Animoji2017-10-25T08:54:37+01:00

Branded in memory


What happens if you would ask 150 people to draw famous trademarks, completely from memory? The result is amazing. The Starbucks-logo, the IKEA-logo, the Apple-logo. Each of the logo’s are incredibly well-known. You would recognise them anywhere. But could you [...]

Branded in memory2017-10-09T15:47:42+01:00
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