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Wear the Bern


When Bernie Sanders ran for president of the United States in 2016, the crowd loved him. But in the end he lost to Hillary Clinton. But his campaign lives on: as slippers! Fashion house Balenciaga is selling Bernie-inspired leather slippers. Available [...]

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The copy-tote bag? (2)


IKEA struck back after fashion label Balenciaga “copied” its signature tote bag. Online the similarities between Balenciaga’s designer bad and IKEA’s Frakta bag were heavily discussed, as we discussed earlier. IKEA put this discussion to great marketing use with its [...]

The copy-tote bag? (2)2017-05-08T07:45:45+02:00

The copy-tote bag?


Copyright infringement is a hot subject nowadays. On internet everything is visible and sometimes music, art or designs are resembling. Which gives an opportunity of a good news item. In the media often the words plagiarism/copycats are used. For example, [...]

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