Brexit Against The Machine


Politician Nigel Farage has received a cease-and-desist letter from the band Rage Against The Machine over the name of his podcast. Farage has been presenting a podcast named Farage Against The Machine on the radio. The title is a play on [...]

Brexit Against The Machine2019-06-26T10:33:18+02:00

Brexit®: the trademark


Recently, Europe was astonished by the outcome of the Brexit-vote. The UK is most likely leaving the European Union. What does this mean for trademarks? First of all, nothing. Well, at least for now.  Although there is a large amount [...]

Brexit®: the trademark2016-06-29T09:51:17+02:00

Brexit: UK trademark lawyers exit


A record number of British lawyers have registered in Ireland to ensure that they can keep on working in the European Union, and can continue to represent clients before the European Courts. This move comes in anticipation of the "Brexit [...]

Brexit: UK trademark lawyers exit2016-06-22T07:45:25+02:00

Brexit breach


Brands want to appeal to a broad audience. For that reason, most of the brands stay neutral in political matters. But what if your logo is used in a political campaign? And especially one you do not support? In the [...]

Brexit breach2016-06-21T10:06:55+02:00
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