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Minimalist brands


What if you strip a brand of its most iconic features: its logo, its distinctive packaging, its colour? Will it still be recognized as the famous brand that we all know? Or will all brands sort of blend together? Designer [...]

Minimalist brands2019-11-26T14:14:58+01:00

Save the environment? Change your trademark


You can save the environment by changing your trademark. How? Ink! Yes, ink. Reducing paper waste by printing less is already quite common. You may already have a sentence underneath your email signature, asking not to print the email (ironically, [...]

Save the environment? Change your trademark2017-12-12T23:44:18+01:00

Lost in translation


When traveling to foreign countries you will always face interesting trademark issues. Sometimes we tend to forget that the world isn't the same everywhere. For the average Russian, Thai or Chinese, trademarks in our Latin script are generally difficult to [...]

Lost in translation2016-05-17T04:47:19+02:00

Brands by hand


Some trademarks are so famous, you can instantly visualize them in your mind. But can you also draw them without looking at the original? Calligrapher Sebastian Lester can. And how! He amazingly draws the most famous brands in an instant. It [...]

Brands by hand2015-06-22T06:52:53+02:00



Tumulus 800, a local Belgian beer, has been forced to change its name after losing a legal battle against Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola sells a soft drink called Tumult, and has registered the name. Now the soft drink giant claims the Belgian [...]


Brand Re-versioning


Always fun... mashing up famous logo's. Still recognisable, but sometimes you end up a brand-schizophrenic. "Brand Re-versioning" is what graphic artist Graham Smith calls it. Do you recognise them all?

Brand Re-versioning2015-03-23T19:37:00+01:00

Starbucks on the rocks


Just imagine that you have a logo that is famous around the world. But this logo combines a word element and graphic elements. Of course, you want to protect the graphic elements as well and you file a device mark. [...]

Starbucks on the rocks2015-03-05T06:55:24+01:00

Coca-Cola bottle in shape


The famous Coca-Cola bottle is celebrating its hundred-year anniversary this year. The iconic bottle has hardly changed since day one. The soft drink manufacturer is celebrating the centenary of the bottle with the exhibition "100 Years in a Bottle" at [...]

Coca-Cola bottle in shape2015-02-27T08:00:00+01:00

Bottle battle (2)


Created in 1915 by Earl R. Dean, the Coca-Cola bottle is a packaging icon. Moreover, it is the classic example of how a shape can become trademark. But  Pepsi, allegedly, has been bottling their cola in a similar shaped bottle. [...]

Bottle battle (2)2014-11-28T06:30:26+01:00

Music marks


Brands can appeal to our emotions. Just like music. But what if brands were music? House of Halo gives us a cool interpretation of a few famous brands inspired by music. Source: House of Halo

Music marks2014-08-18T07:59:55+02:00