A copycat mouse?


He must be the most sued dj in the world: Deadmau5 is facing a law suit over trademark infringement. Again. A cat-themed online retailer is suing electronic music icon Joel Zimmerman over the name "Meowingtons". Zimmerman, stage name deadmau5, filed a [...]

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Don't mess with the Maus


Electronic dance musician Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, claims West Coast Vape Supply (WCVS) is intentionally infringing on his deadmau5 trademark. WCVS' DEADMODZ electronic cigarette line is trying to capitalize on Zimmerman's fame, so says Zimmerman. The musician is suing [...]

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Mouse Musical


A trademark dispute between electronic music producer Deadmau5 and a musical that featured a mouse’s journey to becoming a professional DJ was resolved in record time: just 24 hours after starting. You may remember Deadmau5 from its legal battle with Disney [...]

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Lawyer up, Mickey! (2)


Because Knijff trademark attorneys is attending the Amsterdam Dance Event, some more DJ news: electronic musician Deadmau5 has taken a new step in his fight against Disney over his 'mouse head' logo (see our earlier post here), and filed his [...]

Lawyer up, Mickey! (2)2014-10-15T06:55:07+02:00

Lawyer up, Mickey!


Disney is locked in a legal battle with electronic musician Deadmau5 (see our earlier post), claiming that the electronic music producer's signature mouse headgear is too similar to the company's corporate logo: Mickey Mouse's ears. For over a decade Joel [...]

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Mouse fight?


No cat fight but a mouse fight. That is how you could call the dispute between the famous DJ Deadmau5 and Mickey Mouse. But it is not yet a dispute: Disney has extended the opposition period with the USPTO and [...]

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