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No worries


The Walt Disney Co. is having legal troubles over the phrase "Hakuna Matata" from the movie The Lion King. The entertainment giant is under siege over the Swahili phrase that means "no worries". More than 180,000 people have signed an [...]

No worries2019-02-19T11:23:20+01:00

A simple ABC


The estate of Michael Jackson has sued network ABC for copyright infringement, after airing a special on the pop singer’s final days. The two-hour special called “The Last Days of Michael Jackson” used his songs and music videos without permission, [...]

A simple ABC2019-06-26T09:05:42+02:00



"Panic" in the Disney castle: the trademark DISNI was recently filed in the European Union. Disney, of course, filed an opposition against this application. The opposition was based on older Disney trademarks registered for various products and services. In order [...]


Pirates of the Copyright


Disney has been sued for copyright infringement over the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Success has many fathers. And so do pirates, so it seems. Screenwriters Lee Alfred II and Ezequiel Martinez Jr and producer Tova Laiter, filed a lawsuit [...]

Pirates of the Copyright2017-11-20T23:16:03+01:00

Don’t toy with counterfeit toys


Thousands of counterfeit Frozen dolls, Minion yoyos and SpongeBob SquarePants jigsaws were seized from a single wholesaler in the area of Manchester. Infringement? Yes. But also very dangerous! Sometimes counterfeit goods may seem like a good way to buy products [...]

Don’t toy with counterfeit toys2017-10-06T15:17:55+02:00

A world of imagination


With the Hilton post we already warned you about the wandering Knijff attorneys. It is holiday time! Well, one of our colleague spotted a new case on Greece: a park called Sandyland. Of course, the typography of Sandyland is very [...]

A world of imagination2017-08-23T10:37:31+02:00

We could use use


One of the major limitations of a trademark is the use requirement. An owner of a trademark must put its trademark in use 3 or 5 years after registration. Often, this is a weak spot of a trademark, sometimes an [...]

We could use use2019-02-26T12:03:23+01:00

Disney's application frozen


Everybody who is working on new trademarks can confirm this: it's sometimes quite difficult to find an available trademark in the EU. Especially if you are not using a fancy word but an existing word such as an animal or [...]

Disney's application frozen2016-11-08T11:03:46+01:00

Disney is not (Guus) lucky


A trademark registration provides a powerful weapon against abuse of your brand. For many, especially famous people, this is an important argument for the registration of the trademark. However, one of the most important restrictions of a trademark is the [...]

Disney is not (Guus) lucky2016-08-03T09:59:07+02:00

Pinocchio trademark alive


Probably everyone grew up with Pinocchio, the famous story written by Carlo Collodi about a wooden puppet who is being conjured to life. Can anybody claim Pinocchio as a trademark? On one hand, PINOCCHIO is an excellent trademark. On the other [...]

Pinocchio trademark alive2016-06-09T10:53:02+02:00