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Messi defeats Massi


Barcelona legend football player Lionel Messi is no stranger to winning on the pitch. Now he's won in the court room against bicycle producer Massi. In 2011, Messi registered his brand with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). His trademark [...]

Messi defeats Massi2018-04-27T07:45:16+00:00



Some trademarks are larger than life. Especially when those trademarks reflect one of the biggest football clubs in the world: FC Barcelona. Recently, FC Barcelona filed a sound mark of the word BARCA. The trademark is filed for amongst others, [...]

BARCA! BARCA!2018-01-31T10:21:52+00:00

Keep Messi? Sell trademarks!


If you need money, you can sell your trademarks. If you need to continue paying the best football player in the world… you REALLY have to sell your trademarks. Camp Nou is a legendary football stadium and is famous all [...]

Keep Messi? Sell trademarks!2017-10-27T23:07:03+00:00

Stripe a pose (2)


FC Barcelona has backed down from a trademark fight with sportswear company adidas by abandoning a trademark application. Earlier we reported that the German sports company had filed a notice of opposition to Barca's trademark application for a red and blue [...]

Stripe a pose (2)2017-03-13T23:23:26+00:00

Stripe a pose


Sports giant adidas has filed a trademark infringement claim against FC Barcelona. adidas’ iconic three-stripe trademark is one of the most familiar trademarks in sports in general, and football in particular. Recently the German-based company filed a trademark infringement claim against FC [...]

Stripe a pose2016-11-10T11:42:25+00:00

Keep it cule


FC Barcelona has lost a dispute over its CULE trademark. The General Court of the EU rejected an opposition by Fútbol Club Barcelona to the wordmark “KULE”. The opposition was based on an alleged infringement of the club’s Spanish wordmark “CULE”, [...]

Keep it cule2016-06-27T12:17:39+00:00
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